Pulse autocorrelation binary Barker has a maximum sidelobe level equal, .

Definition 1.

Binary sequences that allow for side-lobe level, although not satisfying the Barker code, but, nevertheless, which is globally optimal (i.e., having the minimum possible value of maximum modulus sidelobe for a given N), called optimal sequences with minimum sidelobe (or MPS sequences ) (from minimum peak sidelobe).

In this sense, the Barker codes should be viewed as a form of MPS sequences with sidelobe . Other sequences have MPS sidelobe pulse autocorrelation with values

Definition 2.

The synthesis problem of optimal binary sequences by minimax criterion formulated as follows. For a given length N binary sequence to find the minimum possible value of side lobe level provided that each sample pulse ACF discrete sequence satisfies


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  • Barker Codes (PSL-1)
  • Minimum peak sidelobe sequences (PSL-2)
  • Minimum peak sidelobe sequences (PSL-3)
  • Minimum peak sidelobe sequences (PSL-4)
  • Minimum peak sidelobe sequences (PSL-5)

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